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Resistance to barley stripe rust

Thanks to collaboration with the USDA-ARS (with funding provided by a NACA) we are working with colleagues at ARS, Aberdeen, ID; UC Davis, CA; and ARS-Pullman, WA to characterize levels of adult plant resistance to barley stripe rust, identify the QTLs/genes responsible for the resistance phenotype, and to deploy resistance alleles in new genetic backgrounds. 

BSR screening trial (BSRST): A set of 65 advanced lines/varieties and 8 checks submitted by OSU, WSU, UC-Davis and ARS-ID.

Facultative/Winter 2-row GWAS panel: A germplasm array of 139 doubled haploid advanced lines/varieties and 4 checks comprised of malting elite - preliminary yield trial entries. 


Multi-rust resistance doubled haploid panel: A germplasm arrayof 117 doubled haploid lines derived from crosses among parents with resistance to one or more rust diseases (stem, stripe, leaf) and 4 checks.

95SR316A#1/GZ#1 mapping population: A set of 166 RILs plus parents and 4 checks.


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