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Grow your own barley!

Planting instructions for growing barley at home

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We are not in the seed business and are usually able to supply very small amounts of seed of our own germplasm/varieties. If you are interested in more than a few grams (or kilograms in some cases) please see commercial suppliers at this link  or try PickACarrot.

There are currently two Oregon public varieties we can supply in small amounts: Full Pint and Alba. Streaker will not be released as a variety, but rather as a germplasm...a subtle distinction with the immediate result that germplasms do not get variety names but are publicly available. The germplasm - formerly known as the variety Streaker - will be called #STRKR. For the sake of historical continuity, the Streaker naked barley image will live on - forever on the run.  We can also supply seed of the Food Composite.

Seed order form and a plea to help us cover costs.
Please follow this link for an order form and seed costs. The fees are high but they cover the costs of seed multiplication, maintenance, shipping and handling. All profits to research.  


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