Plant Genetics

Course Description

The structure, expression, and manipulation of plant genomes will be explored using the principles and theory of classical and contemporary genetics. This course is designed to build a solid foundation in plant genetics and to stimulate further, more specialized, study. Some genetics background helpful, but not required.


Patrick Hayes: 253 Crop Science Bldg.
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-2 or by appointment

Teaching assistant

Lucas Kopecky Bobadilla: 325 Crop Science Bldg.
Office Hours: Mondays 10-11 or by appointment


Recitation (PBG431)

Thursdays 1:00 -1:50. Crop Science Bldg. 150


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Topics -  Detailed Schedule

  • Genes, traits, and morphs 
  • Generations, flowers, seeds, and stems
    • reproductive biology
    • generation advance
    • Mendelian analysis
    • asexual reproduction
    • apomixis
  • From hermaphrodites to males and females
    • sex differentiation
    • self-incompatibility
    • male sterility
  • From gene to phenotype
    • genotype, transcription and translation
    • regulatory mechanisms
    • gene interactions
  • Genomes of all sizes and architectures
    • chromosome organization
    • transposable elements
    • genome sequencing
    • linkage
    • polyploidy
  • Complexity: quantitative inheritance
    • genotyping
    • quantitative trait loci
  • Interventions: new and newer inventions
    • transformation
    • gene editing
    • synthetic biology
  • Unique genetic features of plants



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