PBG530 – Plant Genetics – 2018 edition

Why separate PBG430 and PBG530?

  • Historically, PBG530 students attended the same lectures as PBG430 students. Differentiation between the undergraduate and graduate sections was based on additional assignments for graduate students.
  • A stand-alone PBG530 will provide greater value to graduate students.  
  • The new PBG530 will have the same general framework as PBG430 in terms of material covered and order of presentation. Please see http://barleyworld.org/pbg-430 for details. 
  • PBG530 students will be expected to have mastered, or be in the process of mastering, material presented in PB430.  
    • PBG530 students are welcome to attend PBG430 lectures, or to review the online PBG430 material.  
  • Key differentiating aspects of PBG530 will be:
    • Reading, analysis, and discussion of current and classic literature.
    • Grading based on written assignments and presentations.

Class meeting time:

  • T, Th 8 – 9:50.  Crops 232.