Plant Genetics

Course Description

The structure, expression, and manipulation of plant genomes will be explored using the principles and theory of classical and contemporary genetics. This course is designed to build a solid foundation in plant genetics and to stimulate further, more specialized, study. Some genetics background helpful, but not required.


Patrick Hayes: 253 Crop Science Bldg.
Office Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays 1-2, or by appointment

Teaching assistant

Sarah Windes: 221 Crop Science Bldg.
Office Hours: 10 - 11 MWF


Recitation (PBG431)

Thursdays 1:00 -1:50. Crop Science Bldg. 138


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Module 1, week 1

Module 1, week 2

Module 2, week 3

Module 2, week 4

Module 3, week 5

Module 3, week 6

Module 4, week 7

Module 4, week 8

Module 4, week 9

Module 5, week 10

  • Unit 29: Lecture: Population genetics
  • Unit 30: Lecture: Quantitative genetics
  • Unit 31: Lecture: Biparental QTL mapping
  • Unit 32: Lecture: GWAS QTL mapping
  • Study guide

Assignments, Due Dates, Syllabus, etc.

  • See Canvas site

430 Videos


Plant Genetics in the news

  • Sexual reproduction in garlic is possible! See the papers posted on the class Canvas site
  • "Synthetic apomixis" - a male-expressed embryonic trigger! See the papers posted on the class Canvas site
  • Prospects for perennial malting barley