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Welcome to Barleyworld – brought to you by the OSU Barley project – a team of barley enthusiasts dedicated to generating fundamental knowledge about barley, ensuring the availability barley genetic resources, and encouraging barley use and consumption. Visit us on Facebook, read up on us in the news, check out our recent presentations and publications, and wander our gallery of favorite barley images.

Enjoy your exploration of Barleyworld – these interconnected links will take you our areas of endeavor:

Education (PBG430/530, PBG620/21/22, Oregon Wolfe Barley)

Outreach (Building the Oregon Barley Brand: spring and fall planted trials)

Processes (Malting and barley grain quality assessment)

Products (Seed, and varieties)

Research (Doubled haploid breeding for contributions to beer flavor, stripe rust resistance, UG99 stem rust resistance, agronomic and malting quality, nutrition and culinary properties, and....)  


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