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Welcome to Barleyworld – brought to you by the OSU Barley project – a team of barley enthusiasts dedicated to generating fundamental knowledge about barley, ensuring the availability barley genetic resources, and encouraging barley use and consumption. Visit us on Facebook, read up on us in the news, check out our recent publications, and wander our gallery of favorite barley images.

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Research (Doubled haploid breeding for contributions to beer flavor, stripe rust resistance, UG99 stem rust resistance, malting quality, nutrition and culinary properties, and....)  


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Perspective du jour: Since domestication ~ 10,000 years ago, barley has become increasingly specialized and thought of as the “base of beer”.  That unique role has led to the conventional wisdom that malting barley has adhering hulls and that food barley does not have adhering hulls (i.e. it is hull-less, aka naked). Whatever wasn’t used for malting or food was used for animal feed – an unfortunate circumstance since barley has excellent feeding value. We are of the opinion that it is time to defy the conventional wisdom about hulls, and to think of naked barley as suitable for all end-uses.  Going naked after 10,000 years would certainly simplify things for all players in the barley game: agronomists, bakers, brewers, chefs, consumers, distillers, farmers, feeders,  maltsters, plant breeders, and…..


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