Barley contributions to beer flavor: The Flavor 7-pack and the Brewers Association


This project is rigorously testing the hypothesis that barley has positive beer flavor attributes. IF there are novel flavors in barley that carry through malting and brewing and into beer, these flavors could provide new opportunities for brewers and expanded horizons for consumers. The first set of germplasm that we tested traced to the World Core. Subsequently, we've fast-forwarded to more current germplasm - the current focus is on the "Oregon Promise" population - a set of doubled haploids derived from the cross of Golden Promise x Full Pint. No worries, though, we are also working our way back to the World Core.  To test this hypothesis we are using a range of germplasm, small scale malts, small scale brews, sensory assessment, and analytical tools.

Participants and funders:

  • The Flavor pack: Bells Brewing, Deschutes Brewing, Firestone-Walker Brewing, New Glarus Brewing, Russian River Brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewing, Summit Brewing, and Westland Distillery.
  • The Brewers Association is a key partner - their grants program funds integrated flavor-related endeavors.
  • Rahr Malting is a key partner in providing in-kind contributions of micro-malting, nano-brewing, sensory assessment, and beer analytics.
  • Mecca Grade Estate Malt and CPS-OreGro seeds are key partners, providing us with optimum locations for growing Oregon Promise test plots.

The first reports in the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists

Romp of Otters Nursery

Flavor Fields Forever Nursery