PBG 431 - Recitation Schedule

150 Crop Science Building, or as listed

Thursdays 1:00 - 1:50


Recitation is optional and it is intended to expand horizons and stimulate curiosity.

  • Recitation grade will be based on attendance and write-ups. Write-up prompts will be posted by noon on Friday after each recitation.
    • Write-ups are due, in hard copy format, the following Thursday at recitation.
  • Every missed recitation drops one letter grade. If you have a valid excuse for missing recitation, there is an alternative. Please follow these instructions for missing assignments.
Week 1 (Jan 12) Plant Breeding and Genetics Programs at OSU. Crops 150. Shaun Townsend
Week 2 (Jan 19) Barley genetics - from A to Z. Crops 150. Pat Hayes.  Write-up prompt
Week 3 (Jan 26) Genetics of self incompatibility, eastern filbert blight resistance and SSRs in hazelnut. Shawn Mehlenbacher, David Smith and Jacob Snelling. Meet at ALS 4020.  Write-up prompt
Week 4 (Feb 2) Sex determination in hops. Crops 150. John Henning.  Write-up prompt
Week 5 (Feb 9) Wheat chromosomes. Crops 150. Bob Zemetra  Write-up prompt
Week 6 (Feb 16) Linkage mapping in bean. Crops 150. Jim Myers.  Information.  Write-up prompt
Week 7 (Feb 23) Fungal genomics. Crops 150. The presentation. Joey Spatafora.  Write-up prompt
Week 8 (Mar 2) Genomics and minor crops, plus a tour of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing, Central Services Lab. Kelly Vining. MEET at ALS 4009.  Write-up
Week 9 (Mar 9) Transgenic trees and genome editing. Steve Strauss. Richardson 383.  Write-up
Week 10 (Mar 16) Inducing polyploidy. Ryan Contreras. Meet at ALS 403. No write-up BUT you must ask a question!!!