Seed of Oregon State University Barley Varieties

We can share seed in two ways, and at a cost.

  • Without restriction: OSU Public varieties and released germplasm. Varieties: Alba, Buck, and Full Pint. Germplasms: Oregon Naked Barley Blend, #STRKR (Streaker).
  • With a research Materials Transfer Agreement: OSU experimental germplasm.

Please follow this link for an order form and seed costs. The fees are high but they cover the costs of seed multiplication, maintenance, shipping and handling. All profits to research. Thank you for helping to support our program! Commercial sources of seed are provided in the following list.

Growing Barley at Home

Barley is a beautiful and productive plant. Grow a few plants in pots for striking conversation pieces, a swath in a garden border, or devote a full garden bed. Follow this link for detailed instructions


Variety or germplasm Release status Seed source Spike type Growth habit Hull type Awn type Principal end use(s)
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Alba Public variety 6 row winter hulled awned Feed, malt, food Resistant to stripe rust and scald. Watch out for leaf rust and BYDV. Plump seed and high test weight. Very well adapted to high rainfall areas of the Pacific Northwest. Successfully malted by Skagit Malting and brewed at leading Seattle breweries. Successful organic feed production by Hummingbird Wholesale.
Buck Public variety OSU Barley Project 6-row winter naked awned Food, malt, feed A pure line successor to #STRKR, with better threshability. Resistant to stripe rust and leaf rust. Watch out for scald and BYDV.

Oregon Naked Barley Blend 

Germplasm OSU Barley Project 2 and 6 winter, facultative, and spring naked awned and hooded Food, malt, feed If you are interested in food barley, simplified plant breeding, and doubled haploid research/variety development opportunities this could be the resource for you. 753 doubled haploids blended!
Full Pint Public variety 2 row spring hulled awned Malt, feed, food First released as germplasm BCD47, PI 659444. Later released as the variety Full Pint - short as a half pint, but who want a half pint when you can have a full pint? A barley that may contribute to beer flavor. Resistant to stripe rust and most races of leaf rust. Watch out for mildew. Scald and BYDV usually not issues in spring-planted barley. Semi-dwarf, lodging resistant. Suitable for irrigated/ high rainfall areas. Malts, beers, and whiskeys available available from quality purveyors. An Epiheterodendrin non-producer.
Vibrant Hooded Germplasm Germplasm OSU Barley Project 6 winter, facultative, and spring hulled hooded forage, ? A blend of doubled haploid hooded and advanced lines from different pedigrees. Germplasm release  in preparation
Maja Licensed to Agrisource 6 row facultative hulled awned Malt, feed, food High yielding and ideally suited for irrigated conditions in the intermountain west, but there are favorable reports from Ohio. Resistant to stripe rust; needs fungicide protection from scald and leaf rust in high rainfall areas. A facultative variety with excellent winterhardiness: plant fall or spring. Was approved for AMBA Plant Scale but never commercialized. Variety release
#STRKR Germplasm OSU Barley Project 6 row winter hull-less awned Food, feed, malt Multi-colored blend of three pure lines. Excellent for whole grain berries, as coarse milled couscous style, and flour. Grain, flour and flakes available from Hummingbird Wholesale - marketed as "Streaker". Resistant to stripe rust. Watch out for all other diseases. Journal of Plant Registrations
Verdant Licensed to Tri-State Seeds 6 row winter hulled hooded forage Made a splash as the winter forage barley. Farmers were "wearing out the gravel roads driving by to see it". Resistant to stripe rust and scald. Successes in Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, and Morocco.