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New twists on classic barley beverages

All from OSU's own Streaker barley and Streaker malt, Goschie Farm SalmonSafe hops, and more exotica - like SCOBY and ginger.  Follow this link to learn more about each product.

Roasted barley tea, Roasted barley and malt tea, Roasted barley, malt, ginger and hop tea, Roasted barley kombucha

The Romp of Otters

Maris Otter is a renowned winter malting barley variety. For many brewers and beer drinkers, the variety evokes flavor, ambiance and tradition. We've been trying to understand what makes The Otter swim, using every tool in the book: genotyping, malting, brewing, sensory, and metabolomics.   To read more on this research - and to think about the creation of a modern heirloom, be it an Oregon Otter or a Maris Beaver, click here!

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