"Lightning" barley from the OSU Barley Project

Facultative, disease resistant and capable of great malts.
Dormancy can have its advantages, and there are ways to deal with water sensitivity. 
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Is the future of barley naked?

Naked (aka hull-less) barley is the result of a natural mutation that was selected ~ 8,000 years ago.  Follow this link  to print your own poster about the naked barley frontier.

The D-Zine

Honoring the illustrious career of the infamous Mike Davis
Vol. 38 | 2021

Barley - since 1652...the bread that does it all....

THE beste bread is made of cleane Wheate, which groweth in claye grounde, lightly Leuened, meanely Salted, and the Bread to be baken in the ouen, not extremely hote, least it be burned, nor also lesse than meanely hote, least the Breade bee heauie and rawe: the lighter the bread is, and the more fuller of the holes, the holsomer it is, thus Auerhois, and Rasis saye........ Rye bread is wyndie, and hurtfull to many, therefore it must be well salted, and baken with Anisedes. And commōly crusts of Bread, be dry and burned: they do engender choler aduste and melancholy humours. Therefore in greate mennes houses, the Bread is chipped so nigh, and so largely pared, that mutch of it is abused, & shamefully made into sosse for Dogges, which would feede a great number of poore people: but many men bee more affectionate to Dogges, than to men. Barly Bread doeth clense, and make the body leane.

William Bullein: Book of Simples