Our group has a keen interest in the genetics of low temperature tolerance and allied traits, including sensitivity to vernalization and photoperiod. Of particular interest to us is facultative growth habit.

The following hyperlinks will take you to a reverse chronological listing of reports and publications on various areas of endeavor related to low temperature tolerance, vernalization sensitivity, and photoperiod sensitivity.  To access the data underlying the reports, please send a request*  for access to the Box folder containing a treasure trove of phenotype and genotype data.

KASP markers for VRN and PPD loci. KASP markers for VRN-H1, VRN-H2, VRN-H3, PPD-H1, and PPD-H2 were developed and validated on two panels of germplasm (the KASP panel and the PVP panel).

AMBA LTT.  A germplasm array containing 382 doubled haploid lines derived from crosses among 15 parents selected based on low temperature tolerance and resistance to one or more rust diseases (stem, stripe, leaf). This trial was grown in a total of 12 environments over the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. This report covers winter survival (WS), stripe rust, scald, and leaf rust data generated across all environments.