The OSU Malt House and Grain/Malt Lab

The OSU malt house is up and running. It is a  resource for making ~ 100 - 300 lbs of malt per run using the OSU mini-malter and smaller batches with a CLP 2G.

  • CoAs (from Hartwick College) on BarleyWorld Malts

Barley Grain Quality Testing

We offer some of the barley quality services as Hartwick College and at the same pricing. Hartwick is a certified testing lab. We are not (too expensive given the limited volume of samples). We include a control with every test batch, and the controls are validated at Hartwick. Therefore our results are for research purposes only. We are not set up for DON testing at this time.

  • Our Barley Selection package will be: moisture, protein, % plump, test weight, germination energy, germination capacity, and water sensitivity for $40.
  • Protein and moisture only: $15
  • Germination characteristics (germination energy, germination capacity, and water sensitivity): $20.

For more information please contact Patrick Hayes

We looked into malt analysis and decided that given our equipment and projected volume of business we would not be cost-effective. Therefore, we recommend Hartwick College for micromalting and malt analysis.

The OSU mini-malter is a device designed and built by OSU Engineering students in collaboration with the Fermentation Science and Barley Breeding Programs. It is an open source system - we share the plans and operating manual in return for support of the OSU malt lab. For more information please contact Patrick Hayes.