Staff Members

           Patrick Hayes

           Professor and Grandfather





Laura Helgerson

Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Greenhouse Manager


Chris Massman


All things analysis from GWAS to genomes

Tanya Filichikin

 Senior Faculty Research Assistant

 Manages the Doubled Haploid Production Lab

Brigid Meints

Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

Manages the OREI project on Multi-use Naked Barley for Organic Systems


Campbell Morrissy

Graduate Research Assistant

PhD student studying flavor and processing outcomes of interest in the malting, brewing and distilling industries

Scott Fisk

Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Manages field based operations and is the Barley World maltster

Mariona Subira Martinez 


Barley products - from tea to kombucha and beyond

Cristiana Vallejos

Graduate Research Assistant

Masters student studying traits related to organic naked barley

Distinguished Alumni 

Javier Hernandez

Universidad de Los Lagos (Chile)