Staff Members

Margaret Krause

 Project Leader




Travis Nickols 

Double Haploid Lab

Faculty Resesarch Assistant

Scott Fisk

 Assistant Breeder

 Senior Faculty Research Assistant


Brigid Meints

Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

Manages the OREI project on Multi-use Naked Barley for Organic Systems


Laura Helgerson

Greenhouse and Field Operations

Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Recent Transitions

Patrick Hayes

Professor Emeritus

Tanya Filichikin


Chris Massman

Corn Breeder

Beck's Hybrids

Distinguished Alumni 

Dr. Fahri Altay - Retired

I left the institute in 2001 and worked for a private sector seed company for 5 years. Then I joined the university in 2008 and retired in 2014.

Dr. Araby Belcher - Hollar Seeds 

I am a melon breeder. While I focus mainly on cantaloupe, honeydew, galia, ananas, and yellow melon; our company may dabble in just about any market class of Cucumis melo. I enjoy spending my personal time doing science crafts with my two cute but mischievous small children.

Dr. Edmundo Beratto

Jordyn Bunting - Oregon State University, Food Innovation Center – Faculty Research Assistant

Jordyn works on the Product and Process Development Team as a food scientist at the Food Innovation Center. He develops novel food product formulations for a wide range of entrepreneurs and food companies while also serving as support staff for academic research.

Dr. Daniela Carrijo - Penn State University - Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

Daniela works on agronomic management of corn, soybean and other grains.

Dr. Ariel Castro - Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay - Professor, Plant Breeding, Est. Exp. "Dr. Mario A. Cassinoni".  Facultad de Agronomía

I am still working with barley breeding and genomics. After a four year period as Dean of the College of Agronomy, I am back at my old position in the Exp. Station. I am the leader of the University´s Barley project, working in collaboration with the rest of the Uruguayan Barley community (INIA, National Lab, Malting companies). Malting barley is still strong in Uruguay as an export crop, so we can foresee a lot of work in the future. As we learn at OSU, always working as a team.

Dr. Fuqiang Chen

Dr. Yada Chutimanitsakun - Silver Seed Ltd.

I am running my family seed business, Silver Seed Ltd., in Thailand. I am in charge of the breeding program and seed production. I love traveling, and currently I enjoy cooking.

Dr. Luis Cistue

Dr. Lol Cooper

Ann Corey

Dr. Alfonso Cuesta-Marcos

Dr. Paul Forgeois

I still work in a school and I manage a team of 12-15 people. We produce 250,000 haploids this year: 140,000 barley, 100,000 wheat, as well as rape, triticale spelt, and rice.

Dr. Ryan Graebner - Oregon State University, Assistant Professor

I lead the OSU Cereal Extension Program, which conducts wheat and barley variety trials across Oregon’s major growing regions.

Natalie Graham

When I'm not busy raising the future generation, I dabble in various citizen scientist ventures, including The Great Sunflower Project and Seed Saver Exchange ADAPT/RENEW program.

Dr. Lucia Gutierrez

Kale Haggard - Multinational cannabis seed company

Cannabis breeding and commercial seed production (primarily hemp) using skills I learned in Barley World.

Margaret Halstead - Assistant Breeder at Aardevo North America in Boise

Working on developing diploid hybrid potatoes.

Dr. Dustin Herb - USDA-ARS - Research Geneticist

I develop germplasm and genomic resources for perennial grasses and various seed crops for western US. Additionally, I produce hazelnuts on my farm and in my spare time, I consultant for the Waterford Distillery in SE Ireland researching the effects of barley terroir on whiskey flavor.

Dr. Javier Hernandez

Universidad de Los Lagos (Chile)

Judy Holmer

Dr. Nora Honsdorf

Dr. Odianosen Iyamabo

Since OSU, I have taught at prep-schools in the US, and now in Ontario, Canada, where my courses reflect my love of plants. At my current school, I facilitated the construction of a greenhouse for research/teaching purposes; I run this with my students. I would love to use barley germplasm (DH lines maybe) as teaching tools within our curriculum. The last 20+ years of teaching has been amazing and rewarding; I have extensively traveled the world and hopefully impacted many young scientists.

Dr. Ildiko Karsai - Centre of Agricultural Research

I work as a scientific consultant at the Centre of Agricultural Research in Martonvásár, my main research area is the genetic control of plant development in cereals. Today this mostly means wheat research, but barley was and remains my first and unforgettable favorite project.

Sue Kolar

Dr. Phinrayat Kongprakhon - Kasetsart University

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Natural Resources and Agro-Industry.

John Korte

Dr. Elsayeed Mansour - Zagazig University, Egypt - Assistant professor of Plant Breeding


Dr. Luis Marques-Cedillo - Corteva Agrisciences

I am currently the global lead for corn research seed production at Corteva and my role is to support corn product development by providing the right amount of quality seed on time for advancing the company pipeline.

I like to spend time with my wife; I like walking, dancing, riding my bike and enjoying visits with my three children.

Mariona Subira Martinez 


Dr. Fernando Martinez - University of Seville (Andalusia, Spain) 

Fernando Martinez-Moreno currently works at the Dep. Agronomy, University of Seville (Andalusia, Spain). He does research on wheat resistance to rusts diseases. Their current project is 'Genetic and phenotypic characterization of Spanish wheat landraces and selection of germplasm for its use in prebreeding'. Fernando is also interested in history of agriculture, especially through plant genetic resources in various crops such as wheat, barley, and olive tree.

Dr. Diane Mather - University of Adelaide - Emerita Professor

Still dabbling in plant genetics and breeding as an Emerita Professor at the University of Adelaide. Enjoying the flexibility of retirement.

Dr. Ivan Matus - CRI-Quilamapu

Dr. Klara Meszaros

I am responsible for ATK's barley breeding program, in which we breed barley for human use and feed. My research area is the study of the resistance of barley to Pyernophora teres.


Dr. Maria Munoz-Amatriain - “Beatriz Galindo” Distinguished Researcher, University of León (Spain)

I’m a researcher at the University of Leon, in Spain. Although I currently work on legumes, I still love barley and I have great memories of all my visits to the BarleyWorld at OSU!

Dr. Campbell Morrissy - Oregon State University

Graduate Research Assistant

PhD student studying flavor and processing outcomes of interest in the malting, brewing and distilling industries

Ergun Ozdemir - Retired

I am a farmer now. I am growing barley, wheat and sugar beet, also I have a walnut garden that is 4 years old.

Adeline Oziel

Aihong Pan

Doris Prehn - Retired

Own a dairy farm and are involved in managing cattle, pastures and everything there is to agriculture. I have 10 workers.

Personally I am dedicated to taking care and deeply love my two horses, three dogs, 10 chickens and a rooster. My four grandchildren and mother of 87 years also keep me busy.

Dr. Juan Rey - Research Scientist for Corteva Agriscience in Ithaca, Michigan

My job is to develop corn inbreds and hybrids for the 95 to 100 relative maturity market segment. In my "free" time I "work" as a father, taking my kids to their activities. I am especially busy with the middle one, who is a soccer player, playing in an MLS league and traveling all around the Midwest.

Dr. Kelley Richardson  - Research Geneticist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Salinas, California

For 10 years, I ran the sugar beet breeding team working on pre-breeding for disease resistance and characterizing California’s wild beet populations. In 2018 I moved to lettuce where my team and I work on identifying and characterizing resistance to diseases impacting production including Impatiens necrotic spot virus, Fusarium wilt, and Verticillium wilt.

Carlos Rossi - National Institute of Agriculture Research - Uruguay

I ́m working in INIA - Uruguay (National Institute of Agriculture Research) where I ́m in charge of the Seed Unit. We work with many different species some of them almost in the process of domestication, like the Paspalum of the picture. The Barley Project is always in my soul and my heart: I learned there that the lab and the field are both important: science and practice are not incompatible. The TEAM is the basis of success.

Dr. Sergio Sandoval-Islas

Dr. Kazuhiro Sato - Okayama University, Institute of Plant Science and Resources

I am still doing research on barley genetics, genomics and genetic resources. I will retire from Okayama University in March 2024. I may continue research on barley after that.


Dr. Chris Schön - Technical University of Munich

Still in science, still working on how to use genomics to improve quantitive traits.


Dr. Jeff Skinner

Dr. Peter Szucs - Limagrain Field Seeds

Since my departure from BarleyWorld (2008) I have been leading corn hybrid genitor breeding team for Limagrain Field Seeds based in Szeged, Hungary. Though never forgot to think barley (products).

Dr. Bill Thomas - Retired

I have now retired from a career in barley breeding and genetics. I still maintain a keen interest in improving the sustainability of malting barley production as well as rejuvenating barley as a foodstuff and am open to any reasonable offers!

Dr. Theerayut Toojinda - Deputy Executive Director, Research and Development Bioscience and Biotechnology for Agriculture


Somvong Tragoonrung

Dr. Abdoulaye Traore - Head of Cocoa Ingredients Excellence Center OFI North America

Ms. Andrea Uhrin 

Isabel Vales

Cristiana Vallejos - Oregon State University Graduate Research Assistant

Masters student studying traits related to organic naked barley

Dr. Jarislav (Jari) vonZitzewitz - Sales Director at Rahr Malting Co.

I am responsible for all barley positions and pricing to our craft brewing sales and distribution arm: BSG (Brewer Supply Group). I oversee specific projects from barley variety development and procurement to final customer. And I am responsible for our malt sales into the distilling sector. Personally, my life is dedicated to family (travel vacations, weekend activities, sports, etc), and when I can and have time, I do some of my own hobbies with friends and neighbors: Kite surfing and biking.

Sarah Windes - University of Idaho Supervisor of the Wheat Quality Laboratory

My team and I test the quality of wheat selections and varietals for key flour and baking characteristics. We collaborate with wheat breeders, growers, researchers, and fellow wheat quality labs to provide a number of different quality parameters that may be of interest for the industry. We mostly test flour protein, moisture, and ash content followed by how well each sample bakes into a bread loaf or cookie, depending on the market classification. This helps further the breeder's selection process or determines a released variety's quality characteristics in differing environments.

Dr. Nusret Zencirci - Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, Science and Art Faculty

I am a molecular biology professor in Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, Science and Art Faculty.