The Oregon Wolfe Barley image gallery
Note: All images are freely available - with the stipulation that be recognized as the source. All images provided by OSU Barley Project, unless otherwise specified.

Inflorescence phenotypes - spike color, length, and number of fertile florets

  • OWB Anther culture (AC)  These are the 93 doubled haploid lines (plus 2 parents) developed by anther culture and described by Cistue et al. 2011. Theor. Appl Genet. 122:1399-1410
  • OWB Hordeum bulbosum (Hb)  These are the 82 doubled haploid lines (plus 2 parents) developed using the Hordeum bulbosum technique and described by Chutimanitsakun et al. 2010 BMC Plant Genomics, (2010) 12:4
  • OWB SIS  These are the 18 doubled haploid lines (plus 2 parents) that form the spectacular and informative subset of the Hb population. They display the maximum number of unique combinations of morphological characters

Seed phenotypes - seed  color and hull adherence