Local and global plant genetics

Reading assignments: See study guide for links to Genuity, Arctic, and Innate and CRISPER-CAS9

Hot tips for homework: Kew Gardens Plant C values database

Special supplements: Genes, transgenes, RNAi, and CRISPR

Recommended readings:

  1. Belhaj, K. et al. 2013. Plant genome editing made easy: targeted mutagenesis in model and crop plants using the CRISPR/Cas system. Plant Methods. 9:39
  2. Kyndt, T. et al. 2015. The genome of cultivated sweet potato contains Agrobacterium T-DNAs with expressed genes: An example of a naturally transgenic food crop. PNAS. 112:5844-5849
  3. Wang et al. 2014. Simultaneous editing of three homoalleles in hexaploid bread wheat confers heritable resistance to powdery mildew. Nature Biotech. 32:947-952

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