Lecture: There will be a lot presented in lecture that is not in the online notes and will be on the exams. Therefore please come to class.

Recitation (PBG 431): Not required, but highly encouraged. The recitation is a chance to go a bit deeper into topics that only get the broad-brush treatment in lecture.

Office hours: You are paying for this class: you get free and valuable Professor and Graduate Student time. Use it and use it wisely! Hours are posted at the class website main page.

If you email us, please insert the text “From a Plant Genetics student” into the subject line.



  • No textbook is required - due to the expense and the many plant-specific examples given in class.
  • A recommended text book, for those who would like one is Genetics: A Conceptual Approach - 6th edition. ISBN13: 9781319050962. This is the text used at OSU for  BI 311.
  • There is one copy of the text on reserve at the Valley Library.