The Oregon Wolfe Barley lesson plans are envisioned as a “core” resource that users can tailor to specific audiences – e.g. K-12, undergraduates, graduates, professionals, etc. This will lead to a self-sustaining enterprise in which finished lesson plans and resources are freely shared amongst users.

A 2018 presentation at Oregon State University on linkage mapping in the OWBs


The 2015 IAMZ presentation and genotype data set (a subset of SNPs that map) - prepared by Alba Farre for JoinMap and QTL Cartographer using the Hb OWB subset.

  • Phenotype data set prepared by the class of 2015.

The following two exercises use the "Spectacular Informative Subset (SIS) of 18 lines + the two parents. The use of the full population is NOT required.

  1. Pierrette Castro and Laura Helgerson, Oregon State University Barley Project. Images and a graph of growth and development, on a weekly basis. In partnership with R.N. Hayes' 1st grade class. Hoover School, Corvallis, OR
  2. Dr. Roger Wise (USDA/ARS, Ames, Iowa) and colleagues i-TAG Barley. iTAG Barley Project Digital iBook for iPAD. One of many great K-12 resources available thanks to the American Society of Plant Biologists.

The following exercise uses the full populations.

  1. Dr. Patrick Hayes (Oregon State University) "Using the OWBs as an example of the molecular basis of Mendelian inheritance". Developed for PBG 430/530


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