The Oregon Wolfe Barley lesson plans are envisioned as a “core” resource that users can tailor to specific audiences – e.g. K-12, undergraduates, graduates, professionals, etc. This will lead to a self-sustaining enterprise in which finished lesson plans and resources are freely shared amongst users.

A 2018 presentation at Oregon State University on linkage mapping in the OWBs


The 2015 IAMZ presentation and genotype data set (a subset of SNPs that map) - prepared by Alba Farre for JoinMap and QTL Cartographer using the Hb OWB subset.

  • Phenotype data set prepared by the class of 2015

The following two exercises use the "Informative and Spectacular Subset (ISS) of 18 lines + the two parents. The use of the full population is NOT required.

The following exercise uses the full populations.


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