The OWBs were featured in the 2015 edition of the IAMZ Plant Breeding course


Please see the barleyworld photo gallery for images of the OWB session and youtube for an applied ergo-phenomics approach to measuring the rough awn phenotype.

Key lessons learned from the 2015 session:


  • Phenotyping "simple morphological" characters is not trivial!
  • Standardized phenotyping protocols are essential.
  • High quality phenotypic data are essential for QTL mapping
  • "Quantitative" and "qualitative" traits are, to some extent, in the eye of the beholder.

Linkage Mapping

  • Choose the correct population type!
  • The meaning of segregation distortion.
  • Grouping vs. ordering markers.
  • The beauty of a groomed data set, where it all works out.

QTL mapping

Thanks to Alba Farre for organizing the linakge and QTL mapping tutorials; to Pilar Gracia for establishing and maintaining the plots; and to Ramzi Belkhodja and Ignacio Romagoza for including barley and the OWBs in the curriculum.